Out of this Alien Environment came….. earthlings?

Fast forward from 1992 to 2009 you will find David Catching and Pete Stahl still dusting the stars that light up the sky over the studio home of earthlings? -Rancho De La Luna in Joshua Tree, California. This space is an incubator for many current and past recordings. Actual live sightings of earthlings? are less frequent these days since David Catching was sold into slavery to pay off a minor studio dispute. He now toils under the leather glove of the Eagles of Death Metal. Pete Stahl presently works in music business posing as a rock-n- roll manager, but is actually an undercover agent for the California State Attorney’s office investigating suspected payola at radio. Adam Maples, the band’s trusty timekeeper went incogsolo after discovering a series of alien abductions of carpenters out in Landers, California. It has been rumored he can be found performing with a country rock band called KingSizedMaybe.

Following the loss of band member and studio founder Fred Drake in 2002, earthlings? released the EP ” Disco Marching Craft” on the infamous Berlin record label “ Crippled Dick Hot Wax”.  The band also toured sporadically across the US and into Europe always anchored by a visit to Mardi Gras. The band’s last show co-incidentally was a benefit for Hurricane Katrina in 2006. Gathering beautiful faces and traveling to special places has always happened naturally with the ever-changing parade of musicians that is earthlings? This new piece of vinyl is no different. Humalian was baked by the sun and driven by the moon. It came to rest where the marine layer covers so-cal like a velvet hammer, singing you to a digital sleep. Appearing on these 4 songs is Edmund Monsef, patriarch of The Hacienda recording studio and also a convicted synth streaker for Goon Moon, Clint Walsh who plays with the S.F. punk band the Dwarves and also has been known to don a cape for Gnarls Barkley, Matthias “C” Schneeberger, organist and producer known for using his germanicness to mix the aural with the astral, Brian “Big Hands” O’Connor, Bassist for EODM and resident DJ at the Red Garter Bordello, and Miss Molly McGuire, renowned artisan and puppeteer. The songs topics range from paranoia to abandoned children along with the rants of a psychedelic strip mall sage.

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